Teaching Children on the Road

We started our journey into Southeast Asia would family. Among other things that was asked of us by our school before we left is that we keep up with the curriculum does seem daunting at first. When we looked a bit more closely we found actually it is quite easily achievable. Travelling enables parents to stay with their children 24 hours a day an education always works its way into practically every conversation. If I had one dollar for every time my daughter hasta sentence beginning with the word why or what or how I’ll be a billionaire already.

We decided between us.I will take care of maths and computing education, and that my partner Will take care of English General studies and cultural Geographic education.

Increasingly I’m seeing that all subjects blend into each other and if, as a parent, one can keep and internalise schedule of the curriculum for each subject there’s smooth path that enables the child to learn at an accelerated rate. I’ll give an example:

I decided to teach my daughter Maya apply some programming language as part of the core studies. I also wanted to teach how mass and probability and start her on the road to Learning linear algebra. This seems quite a tall order for an eight year old.

However everything came together one evening whilst sat down to play a game of battleships. Love you don’t know battleships is an old Game where people place different sized warships on the grid and each player takes it turns to fired missile at one of those good point send tired announces weather the missile landed on one of their applied warships(hit) or whether the missile missed. Once Maya had become quite good at understanding the coordinate system. I gave her a couple of assignments to draw scatterplots in line graphs. This led naturally using Pythons matplotlib with Pycharm library to graph many different kinds of linear equation.  I even asked her to blog about her findings so all bleeds back into creative writing.


Which in turn, may make Maya curious to explore subjects like modularised programming, function definition, object-oriented programming, linear algebra, polynomial functions, vectors, three-dimensional space plots, hyper dimensional space, Euclidean distance.

Okay that’s a tall order for an eight year old. But, I’m committed to ensuring its child-lead. I’ll keep my blog post going to let you know how I get on. I wish



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